The Sunday Currently

reading the pathophysiology of adult osteomyelitis. My life has been about osteomyelitis in the past 3 days.

writing my 3,000-word case study due in less than 24 hours. 2,500 more words to go. PANIC. PANIC. PANIC.

listening to my fingers tapping on the keyboard. SHHHH. Silence!

thinking about everything I’m free to do once I finish this damn case study.

smelling coffee and chocolates to keep me awake

wishing that I finish this paper before I have to go to work at 3PM tomorrow. 

hoping that I come up with 2,500 words worth of crap from all these reading materials. SERIOUSLY, this is frustrating.

wearing my daytime pyjamas. Nightime pyjamas are for bedtime and their only difference is..the color. I have issues with wearing the same clothes during the day and at bedtime. #artemuch

loving the fact that in about 24 hours, I can watch all the TV shows I want and read all the NON-POSTGRAD-RELATED books I’ve downloaded and not have to think about deadlines. 

wanting to eat spaghetti. I’m suddenly craving for spaghetti but is obviously not happening, so pancit canton will do for now.

needing to stop opening a new browser and doing unnecessary things like this post.

feeling the same thing I did as with all my previous papers. Regret and frustration and slightly excited that it’ll soon be over!


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Taking selfies at 2AM

Because at this time of the night, it’s the only de-stressing activity I can do.

I swear, when this postgrad paper is done, I’m gonna dig this blog from the grave and HTML+CSS the shit out of it to put it back to life.

That’s actually what I wanna do right now but NOOOOOOO. Friggin wound paper is waiting to be finished. 

Monday, you will be a glorious glorious day! -assuming that I finish this paper by then-